A look at Retrogaragen August 2017 (More videos here).

Retrogaragen in Brædstrup

… is a collection of decorative objects and articles for everyday use, mostly dating from the years 1950 to 1980. This was a time when household things were more costly in relation to people's income, so that a new coffee set, a carpet or a light would be a significantly bigger event in the home than we experience it today.

The willingness to pay more also meant that most European countries had a much richer manufacturing sector than they do today. Skilled professionals and craftsmen produced practical and decorative objects that still function 50-60 years later. Factories and workshops employed artists and designers generously. The result was an unprecedented flowering of interior design, with originality and a quality that makes many of today's equivalents pale in comparison. It isn't wrong to characterise the ”Retro” era as a golden age of manufacturing for the home.

The "Retro Garage", located in one of Brædstrup's side streets, has no space for larger items of furniture but displays an ample choice of lights, carpets, pottery, textiles, embroideries, pictures, bedlinen, towels, wallpaper, melamine, plastic, kitchenalia, tins, teak-objects, 60s postcards, curiosities and more... The collection evokes a ”homemaker”-shop from the late 60s, with the goods arranged in sections - for example 70s bedlinen, Norwegian pottery, Danish melamine etc - and plenty to choose from in each section, just like there was back then.

The Garage differs from a museum exhibition in that everything can be touched and turned, and in most cases also bought. All objects are
marked with an evaluation price to satisfy the curious visitor.

”Retrogaragen” is a pensioner's hobby, and this is reflected in short opening hours, long holidays, no internet sales and no shipping of goods. The owner, Sune, is passionate about his collection and about uncovering information about the products he collects and their designers and producers. He also enjoys the opportunity the Garage provides to meet and communicate face to face with others who are curious and interested in ”the golden age”.

Everybody is welcome to visit the Garage. In connection with a visit there is a possibility to get on the mailing list of a weekly newsletter.

www.retrogaragen.dk presents Sune's design-writings, some of which have been available on english homepages untill now. Other texts, written in danish language, are to be found in the danish section of this homepage. Comments and supplemantary knowledge are very welcome.